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Sergei Mikheev
Sergei Mikheev

Aerofly Professional Deluxe Download Planes

5 years ago I signed up for this forum. First I started downloading user-aircrafts for the old aerofly Professional Deluxe (AFPD), put them on a USB stick and visited my friend who was also into RC-Planes and I installed them on his AFPD so that we could fly them together. That was a lot of fun so I decided to create my own aircraft for the AFPD simulator. I learned how to use the modeling software Metasequoia and made all kinds of different aircrafts which I could not afford in real live I was getting better at flying but most of it was just for fun. Some aircraft I even uploaded to and later onto my own website: ASH 31 Mi, Multiplex Mentor, PC-21, Stobel V2 and the Steigeisen F3K.

Aerofly Professional Deluxe Download Planes

Download File:

And then I started to go a step further. A new update for the aerofly5 just came out which gave us instruments. And with instruments I was able to do crazy things... Taking the altimeter and hooking it to the elevator... OK that works. Thats awesome! What else... ah I can messure the distance an aircraft rolled on the ground... Cool One thing after the other went like a charm. I programmed the first autopilot in one evening. The next day I started to create the automated towing planes. I knew I was the only one (back then) who made such a thing possible! Even the developers could not believe there eyes :D.

With the new aeroflyFS just released I quickly adjusted the aerofly5 ASH-31 and made it fly in the new simulator. For a very long time this was the only free avaiable add-on for the simulator. And the demand was and still is very large. Today the download page of my ASH-31 Mi for the aeroflyFS has almost 22,000 visitors (not just clicks...)!

Moving on in time... the aerofly FS version 1.2 and aerofly RC 7 were released and suddenly my aircraft were not comatible with the newer aerofly But after some time I sat down again and fixed the aircrafts. Today I have the most important aircraft converted to the aerofly RC 7: The ASH-31 glider, the auto-towing planes, some modifications and now the Stobel V2 which I uploaded some hours ago here in this forum: -Stobel-V2


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