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Her Little Secret [v0.2.01] [APK]

Description:You will play in the role of a 25 years old guy who has pretty boring and stable life. When it comes to girls you're not too experienced. Everything changes as you meet a special girl. You really want to know her better. But as you get more and more closer to her you'll uncover a secret that she hides.More: Renpy BugsVersion: Updated: 2023-02-14, Posted: 2022-08-28. Request for an Update!

Her Little Secret [v0.2.01] [APK]

She learns Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask and he's looking for the Silver Crystal for a clue of his lost memory. Despite Luna's warnings she wants to trust him. As she is leaving, she accidentally takes the watch and he calls her "Usako" while Usagi decides to call him "Mamo-chan" and to keep the encounter secret. The Senshi find a wave of brainwashing videotapes that are coming from rental stores and people across the city are searching for Sailor Moon. The other Senshi and the enemy were impressed by the regenerative power Usagi gave off with her Moon Stick. They get a hold of one of the movies and bring it to the Sailor V game for analysis. The game appears broken and Sailor V appears on screen and tells Usagi that people's lives are in danger. Sailor Moon uses her Moon Stick to heal the brainwashed crowds of people but Zoisite appears and grabs her. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter fail to save her and just before he kills her Artemis and Sailor Venus attack and destroy Zoisite.

Artemis introduces Sailor V as "Princess Serenity" the heir of the Silver Millennium who has a secret identity Minako Aino who is a fellow middle schooler. Kunzite of the Dark Kingdom targets all of Tokyo and the Senshi battle him at Tokyo Tower. Sailor Moon throws herself in front of an attack to protect the "Princess" and Tuxedo Mask does the same for her taking the fatal blow. In Usagi's grief, the Silver Crystal becomes unsealed, she remembers her past life, and takes the form of Princess Serenity. Queen Beryl and Kunzite kidnap Mamoru. Sailor Venus reveals she is the true leader of Serenity's Protectors and had been acting as a decoy princess until the other Senshi regained their memories. To learn more about the Dark Kingdom and Silver Crystal they head to the Moon.

Usagi is confused why new Senshi would be avoiding them and secretly suspects they were Michiru and Haruka. The next day, Haruka appears at Crown Game Center and Usagi asks if Haruka is a Sailor Guardian. Haruka acts dumb and Usagi feels dumber for asking that to a guy and the Inner Senshi interrupt warning Haruka to stay away. Days later, they decide to crash Rei's mountain retreat to celebrate her 15th birthday. That night, Ami and Minako wake Usagi up to a battle and she arrives just in time to destroy a monster Mars and Jupiter were fighting. Usagi spots the Senshi and chases after them this time and receives a kiss from the Senshi leaving Usagi confused on their identity and even has a dream about it. She has a hard time looking at Mamoru at the next morning's meetup.

They take Mamoru to the hospital and tell the Inner Senshi what happened before little-Usagi accompanies Mamoru home. She gets an emergency call from Ami and arrives at Ami's Home with Chibiusa. When they transform the age reversal spell is broken and they finish Fish Eye together with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Helios reappears before them and after Super Sailor Mercury suggests he is looking for Sailor Moon, or Princess Serenity, Chibiusa runs away. They find her after gathering everyone. 041b061a72


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