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[S1E13] City Of Thieves

Finn is trying to walk on four legs like Jake when they come across a city covered by a dome of cracked desert ground. A Hag appears and tells them that this is the City of Thieves, a place that turns anyone who goes there into a thief. Finn and Jake hear the cries of a young girl named Penny outside the city. She tells Finn that thieves have stolen her flower basket, but he is unable to get the basket back because the thieves in the city are endlessly stealing and re-stealing it from each other.

[S1E13] City of Thieves

Penny then tells Finn and Jake about a king thief who steals from little girls and takes their belongings to his tower, which is protected by a magical barrier to keep other thieves out. Finn volunteers to enter the tower and get the king's treasure chest, which Penny says might contain her basket. Meanwhile, Jake cannot cross the barrier because he could not resist stealing a pair of shiny red boots. Finn enters the tower and takes the chest, which he finds in the chest of the king thief's skeleton. When he emerges, Penny grabs the chest, revealing that she has tricked Finn into stealing the treasure for her. The Hag reappears to gloat about Finn now also becoming a thief. Traumatized over becoming impure, Finn decides to embrace his dark side and get revenge on Penny for stealing his purity.

A Valentine's Day episode, centered on a suspended police lieutenant trailing a group of jewel thieves and Captain Stubing and Vicki mourning Emily's sudden death and eventually returning to Barbados (where the Stubings honeymooned) to find closure. Also: The new cruise director sets her eyes on a passenger who is a TV star, but another ship employee is interested in her. Doc has to care for the pregnant wife of the ship's chief executive.

Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin arrive at the scene accompanied by Sgt. Wu. They go into the vault to see it robbed of all items and Sam Bertram's dead body. His face is covered with hundreds of shards of glass and metal. Unfortunately, the security camera was ripped out by the robbers. The robbery looks professional, the thieves knew what they were doing.

Back at Madani's mom's place, Frank is recovering, but looking beat to shit. "Madani. Where's Russo, you get him?" Frank's first words when he awakes, so we know where his head's at. Later, Frank is getting dressed in civilian clothes, preparing to take the road to anonymous freedom. Micro gives him an envelope with a whole lot of money as a thank you for helping to save his family. "Use it. Get out of the city. Have a life. You've done enough, y'know?" he tells Frank. Frank looks up. "Gotta finish this, right?" he says, shrugging. Yeah, some money and a nice shirt aren't going to deter Frank from some vengeance. Frank turns to Madani and thanks her for saving his life. "You should take Lieberman's little gift and disappear fast." She tosses him his boots and Frank gets up to go. "If I ever see you again after you walk out of the door, all bets are off. I will take you in or I will shoot you down," she says. "Don't waste the chance I gave you." Frank puts on some shades and walks out.

However, the truth of what happened is that Bullock arrived at the warehouse, and entered immediately, without waiting for the other officers. Bullock tripped over a paint can, alerting the thieves. As he was fighting them off, a missed blow from an axe hit a fuse box and started the fire. Bullock passed out from the smoke as the crooks fled the warehouse, but Batman lifted him to safety by way of the roof.

During the night, the group is ambushed while they sleep. Held at gunpoint, they are unable to do anything as the thieves carry off their ODM gear and Christa Lenz. Marco suggests abandoning the mission and getting help from Sadies, but Eren convinces the group to help him chase down the thieves before they can get away. Sasha suggests using a higher vantage point to look for the kidnappers, and the group is able to successfully locate where the thieves are camping for the night. 041b061a72


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