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Drop One NPC To Another

All NPC vendors have the same base buying and selling price. Item prices can be decreased by equipping a Discount Card, which is a rare drop from Pirate Invasions. On PC, Console, Mobile, and tModLoader, prices can also be higher or lower based on the NPC's happiness level.

Drop one NPC to another


Town pets are special town NPCs that appear at dawn (4:30 AM) the day after a pet license item sold by the Zoologist is used. They are not to be confused with pets, which follow the player around. Town pets have distinctive housing assignment banners, and can share houses with another NPC. They count as NPCs for pylon requirements and for decreasing enemy spawn rates in an area, but are not counted as neighboring NPCs in other NPCs' happiness calculations, and indeed do not positively or negatively affect the happiness of other NPCs in any way. Unlike other NPCs, town pets have no means of self-defense.

All NPCs have a base defense stat of 15 (except for the Skeleton Merchant, who has 30), and their base attack stats vary from one NPC to another. In addition, all NPCs gain specific defense and damage boosts based on the bosses that have been defeated so far in the current world. These boosts are completely independent of each other (e.g. the "Hardmode entered" boost can potentially be gained without first attaining the "Eye of Cthulhu beaten" boost, and vice-versa). The boosts are also permanent for a given world, and are applied instantly to all town NPCs, including all Town pets and all other NPCs.[2]

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This is a 2D ACT Game, and a fitness game. your target is use yourself to collide or drag one NPC to let it collide to another NPC, and it also has leisure time to let you follow our character to play jump rope or boxing and so on to fit your body.

When killed, a Regular NPC will drop Meat based on their type. Dinosaur NPCs drop Regular Meat, which has colors based on the colors of the killed NPC. This also applies to Fish NPCs, but drop their own meat.

Collectible Items can drop from killed Regular NPCs. Drops are mainly based on individual Dinosaur NPCs, but all have a chance of dropping a Wandering Soul, which floats up, and a Strange Flesh item. Carnivorous Dinosaur NPCs can drop a Carnivore Tooth item, Ceratopsian NPCs like Triceratops and Styracosaurus can drop a Horn item, Ankylosaurian NPCs like Ankylosaurus and Sauropelta can drop a Scute item, Semi-Aquatic NPCs like Baryonyx and Mastodonsaurus can drop an Aquatic Scale Item, and Sauropod NPCs can drop a Sauropod Vertebra item.

Architect Scouts are Robot NPCs that carry Crates. The total health of a Architect Scout is 40.[verify] A Scout can carry all regular Crate types. Scouts will watch the nearest creature to it, fleeing when approached. When killed, Architect Scouts drop their crate and a Scrap Metal or Gears item, occasionally dropping two of one item or both items. If an Architect Scout is killed while the Player's inventory is full, the Crate will drop on the ground.

Ghost Orbs are Hostile NPCs that spawn around Players and attack them, spawning only during Halloween Events. The total health of a Ghost Orb is 100.[1] Orbs blast at Players, draining player health and healing with it, but will stop attacking players if too far. Orbs can also phase through walls. When killed, Ghost Orbs drop Soul Essence and Halloween Candy items.

If an NPC is neutral, you can try to persuade them. Muggers can be persuaded into being neutral, but that takes another round of persuasion. There are several persuasion options listed in the menu, with their percentage chances of success. If an option is red, it can cause them become hostile if you fail badly enough.

It is possible that NPCs encountered may demand you drop your weapon or become hostile when chatted with. It seems safe to immediately pick the weapon back up as of 0.7 (Lindqvist). Hostile NPCs can have any number of reactions to a character's attempts to negotiate, ranging from mugging your character at gunpoint and stealing your cash to being charmed or threatened into joining your ranks, to realizing that they are talking to a horrifying mutant freak and fleeing.

The Gargoyles will drop you off at the top of a tower, where the Foot of the High Wall Bonfire is waiting to be lit. Take the stairs down to the first landing, and follow along the ramparts to the left to another broken tower to find a corpse with a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Continue down the stairs, the group of hollows wandering about the stone roadway are non-hostile. To your direct front, a waiting enemy will raise the portcullis and loose a pack of undead hounds to ravage you and the hollows. The gate will lower after the hounds come through, but a nearby lever will raise it. With the portcullis at your back, proceed down the stone roadway towards the archway, you will find dogs behind an overturned coach chewing on a corpse. Kill them and loot the Alluring Skull 2x.

Return inside and descend the stairs to the next floor where you will find a short pointed hat wearing hollow. There is a corpse near with Charcoal Pine Bundle 2x. Another 2 short hollows are nearby and may attack while you loot the corpse. Step down into the room of barrels and head outside. To your left will be a corpse you cut down earlier with Loretta's Bone 1x, which you can give to Greirat. A gang of hollow enemies stands beyond. It is advisable to lure these one at a time, being careful with the larger caster. Once the enemies are cleared, loot the corpse in front of the blazing fire for an Estus Shard 1x. There is another corpse behind the fire you can loot for an Ember 1x.

To the right of the bonfire near where you exited the building you can cross a wooden bridge to another settlement. Enter the house to take on 2 hollows near the entrance. Another 2 pitchfork hollows will rise from the stalls here. On the left side of the room, you will find a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse.

Continue on to the next building where a thrall will drop from the ceiling and attack. Open the double doors. You can backtrack to where you first crossed the bridge and take a path to the right of the first building you went through. Down this path, you will encounter several thralls on the path (be wary of ambushes) as well as some firing projectiles at you from the rooftops. Here, you will find a corpse with a Fading Soul. There is a ladder near you can take up to a rooftop to dispatch the thralls. On the other side of this roof, you can loot a corpse for Homeward Bone 2x. You can traverse the rooftops here, eventually dropping down to the ground where you can find a Caduceus Round Shield in a corner along the cliff, near the double doors you opened. Near these houses, you can also find a caged hollows NPC. You can loot a corpse near him for a Plank Shield.

On the right side of the rooftops, you can drop down onto a ledge where a large red-cloaked hollow with a cage on his back patrols. He's non-hostile so long as you have NOT reached the Curse-Rotted Greatwood boss's second phase. Approach him from the back and you will have the option to teleport to the Mound Makers Covenant area. This is the area you will fall into during a later boss fight. During the fight, you will inadvertently kill the NPC which gives you the covenant. If you don't take the covenant now, you will have to wait until you've beaten three Lords of Cinder to gain the covenant.

Past the now opened double doors, you will cross a stone bridge. If you drop down to the right onto a ledge, you will encounter 2 pitchfork hollows and a corpse at the dead end with a Titanite Shard 1x. Continue along the ledge and into an arched entrance to a room where you can find a bonfire. Exit through the opening and go right up the stairs, up the roof. If you look up you will see a hanging corpse which you can shoot down to obtain a Partizan. Continue up and around the stairs where you will find 2 more hollows and a third on a short ledge. On this balcony area, you will find a corpse with a Hand Axe. There is a cage here, where you will find Cornyx of the Great Swamp. Speak with him and now freed, he will teleport to Firelink Shrine to teach you Pyromancies.

If you go back to the broken portion of this balcony, you can drop down to the roof below and then to the ground. On a wooden torture platform here you can find a Soul of an Unknown Traveler. Behind this platform is a half-broken wooden bridge, where at the end is a corpse holding a Fire Clutch Ring. Be wary of a basket wielding large hollow walking through here. Head through the archway from where the hollow came to find some mindless hollows sitting around in distress. Around a corner to the left, you can find a corpse with a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse and a short gremlin hollow. Continuing forward you will come to a large stone staircase with a mallet wielding hollow, pitchfork hollow and some undead dogs. The large double doors at the top of the stairs cannot be opened from this side.

Turn around and head straight back. There will be a dog on your left, guarding an Ember; keep going until you come to an opening into sewers on your right. An undead dog will be just inside the entrance on your left. Take the ladder down and head left into the sewers where you will encounter some rats, the big rat will drop the Bloodbite Ring. There is a corpse in this sewer hallway with a Caestus. On the left, a locked door can be opened by purchasing the Grave Key from the Shrine Handmaid. It will lead to Irina of Carim. If you have the key, head through the door, and make a right to the end of the hallway to find a Loincloth and a statue of Velka the Goddess of Sin to whom you can request absolution from sin. 041b061a72


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