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Crow Zero 3 Full !EXCLUSIVE! Movie With English Subtitle

Session 70. Cuts between the film footage entered into the trial as evidence and of still photos entered into the trial as evidence and Eichmann watching the footage. Eichmann does not seem to change his expression throughout the screening. 00:00:27 Footage being shown in the courtroom - medical examinations of inmates, posters of Nazis. Eichmann in courtroom speaking. 00:04:32 Footage of train with cattle cars going past. Scenes in a camp, jumping into pits, being helped onto trucks (?), being shot in pits and then buried. 00:06:45 Train with cattle cars at dusk. 00:08:08 Footage of people with arm bands at a railway station getting into cattle cars, SS guards. Cuts back and forth to Eichmann i