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Nikah Nama Form Urdu Pakistan Pdf Free

Nikah Nama Form Urdu Pakistan Pdf Free

A Nikah Nama form is a document that records the details of a Nikah (marriage) in Pakistan. It is a legal document and must be filed with the local Union Council by the Nikah Khawan (Nikah Registrar) to make the marriage legally binding. The Nikah Nama form can be used in Urdu or English, depending on the preference of the parties. A printed Marriage Contract called Nikah Nama in Urdu (or in English), duly filled in and signed by the parties, shall be issued by the Nikah Registrar within one day of marriage. Two copies of the registered Nikahnama (one for the bride and one for the bridegroom) shall be handed-over to the newlywed couple.

The Nikah Nama form contains 25 columns that record the personal details of the bride and groom, such as their names, ages, addresses, marital status, etc. It also records the names and addresses of the witnesses and vakils (representatives) of both parties, as well as the amount and mode of payment of dower (Mehar), which is a mandatory gift from the groom to the bride. The Nikah Nama form also allows the parties to specify any conditions or stipulations that they agree upon for their marriage, such as maintenance, divorce, custody, etc. The Nikah Nama form also records the name and signature of the Nikah Khawan, who performs the Nikah ceremony according to Islamic Sharia and customs.

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The Nikah Nama form is very important to validate a marriage in Pakistan. It serves as proof of marriage and as a public document, it is admissible as evidence in court if there is a dispute regarding the marriage. The Nikah Nama form also helps to determine the rights and responsibilities of both partners in the marriage, such as inheritance, property, divorce, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to fill in the Nikah Nama form carefully and accurately, and to seek legal advice before signing any agreement.

If you are looking for a free download of the Nikah Nama form in Urdu or English, you can find it online on various websites. However, you should be careful about the authenticity and validity of these forms, as they may not be updated or approved by the relevant authorities. You should also check if these forms are compatible with your local Union Councils requirements and procedures. Alternatively, you can contact a professional Nikah Registrar or a lawyer who can provide you with a valid and customized Nikah Nama form according to your needs and preferences.

Some of the websites that offer free downloads of the Nikah Nama form in Urdu or English are: - [Right Law]: This website provides a comprehensive guide on how to fill in and register a Nikah Nama form in Pakistan. It also offers a free download of a sample Nikah Nama form in Urdu or English. - [Court Marriage]: This website offers online court marriage services in Pakistan. It also provides a free download of a sample Nikah Nama form in Urdu or English. - [Sign Now]: This website allows you to fill in and sign documents online. It also offers a free download of a sample Nikah Nama form in Urdu or English.

However, these websites are not affiliated with or endorsed by any official authority or organization. Therefore, you should use them at your own risk and discretion.


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