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War Robots: Upgrade Your Robot and Unlock New Weapons and Abilities

War Robots (formerly Walking War Robots) is an online multiplayer combat game developed by Pixonic, in which players pilot giant robots (Mechs) in either 6 vs 6, or 6 player free-for-all matches. Battles take place on random detailed maps, where players compete for either beacon control or total destruction of the enemy, within a time limit of 10 minutes.

War Robots (previously titled Walking War Robots) is mobile app game developed and published by the game developer Pixonic. It is a third-person shooter with real-time PvP battles in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mode. Players operate BattleTech-like robots on a live battlefield. It was first released on iOS in 2014 and was released to Android the following year.[1]

war robots gave a favorable review (4.5 stars out of 5) for War Robots, stating that "it's an interesting game that feels serious enough to be realistic. That's no small feat." A review by TechRadar stated that it was... "Fun and enjoyable. But needs more robots, weapons and a better reward system.[4] App Spy also praised the game, writing that "The engine powering the game is impressive, even if some of the UI elements are a bit old hat, and the feeling of being part of a squad taking on another team is palpable."[5]

Like every other energy shield, when anything (excluding plasma weapons) hits the shield, a blue honeycomb-like pattern will appear where the projectiles hit. Fast robots can be dangerous for the Fujin, as they can bypass its shield by walking through it. As a general rule, do not allow enemies to enter your shield.

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Like its counterparts the Raijin, Weyland, Rayker and Invader, the Fujin is a quadrupedal robot. While it cannot climb like the Raijin or Weyland, this does give it special characteristics that other robots do not have. Firstly, quadrupedal robots do not suffer from landing lag when they fall from a high place. Other robots are seen pausing as they absorb the shock, whereas the quadrupeds do not.

Secondly, Fujin, Raijin, Weyland, Rayker and Invader are significantly more maneuverable, able to change directions rapidly. This is because their legs allow them to move in any direction without turning, whereas other robots must rotate their lower bodies to the new direction. The Fujin, along with the other two, are capable of hitting robots while they in stealth more successfully than other robots due to the low position of their hardpoints.

However, Fujin users must be aware of the fact that enemy robots (and teammates) can walk through your shield before firing, bypassing it entirely. Due to this, it is advised that Fujin pilots do not engage at point-blank ranges to avoid this situation. Fujin pilots must also be aware of snipers more than others, especially the Trebuchet. The Fujin's under-average health means that even low-DPM (Damage per Minute) sniper weapons can have a significant effect (such as Gekkos and Trebuchets).

Fujin has proved to be one of the most tactical robots in the game, with a built-in energy shield and 3 medium weapons that can deal massive damage to light and medium bots, though tankier bots can survive this. However, this blue four-legged robot is on the fragile side with 68K hitpoints at lv 1, making Fujin vulnerable to plasma weapons from any range. This bot can quickly make its getaway with 39km/h speed (44 and max lvl), and is one of the best bots for dodging enemy fire. 3 medium weapons is fairly powerful even for current bots, but Fujin needs some tactics to hold its own. Frequently used with Tarans, some of the most intimidating weapons which proved to destroy any prey at sight. So Fujin is a huge threat to small and medium robots, but vulnerable to heavier robots. Fujin is also particularly dangerous to stealth bots due to its ability to hit them in stealth without the use of quantum radar.

These war-robots were humanoid in form and dwarfed their Human counterparts. Their Human Tionese designers were influenced by ancient Rakatan droid designs, and the rarest and highest-ranking of the Guardian Corps, the Crimson Condottieres, employed Rakatan Force-energizing dynamos. Covered with thick armor plating coated with a mirrored reflective surface for deflecting enemy fire and reinforced stress points, they were dangerous foes.[2]

Xim was killed at Vontor according to Tionese history, but actually died a slave in the dungeons of Kossak the Hutt on Varl. His treasure ship, the Queen of Ranroon, escaped to the planet of Dellalt. There, it would be guarded for millennia by a thousand of his surviving war-robots and a secret brotherhood known as the "Survivors," descended from the original crew and elite guards on board the ship.

Millennia later in 2 BBY, Han Solo and Chewbacca encountered the Guardian Corps during an adventure on Dellalt. These war-robots were used by the Survivors against a group of offworlders who started a semi-legal mining camp near the Survivor encampment. However, nearly all of the Corps was destroyed.[3] Later, several archaeologists and researchers including the Ruurian S. V. Skynx began researching these ancient war-robots.

The smash-hit sci-fi multiplayer war game War Robots has made for some interesting revolutions in the genre. Featuring a constantly expanding roster of mecha war robots that face off similarly to that of tanks in War Thunder, players will be impressed by the vast selection of war machines to choose from.

From fast and nimble light robots to the impressive firepower of heavy robots, there's a huge number of war robots in this sci-fi game. As of now, War Robots has a total of 71 robots to choose from, only expanding their roster as time goes on. As such, players may find it difficult to pick the best robot for their playstyle, but with a little thought, these recommendations stand out from the rest as the best robots in War Robots.

There are largely two major offensive playstyles, based on the balance between speed and health/armor: the Tank and the Ambusher. The Tank tends to use robots with higher health and armor stats, usually at the expense of speed (which often can be a benefit, as it makes their robot more targetable). These players try to take the bulk of the enemy fire and will tend to be the backbone of the assault. Ambushers are just the opposite, using robots with higher speeds to attack enemies and break their defensive lines, all at the expense of low health.

On the support side, there are a variety of roles. Defenders often make up the most, using similar high-armor robots to Tanks, but usually with long-ranged weapons. Having more firepower is important for Defenders, as they will need to outlast enemy robots during an assault. Support sometimes also includes stat-boosters and recovery, like Healers that help teammates regain health.

Generally speaking, most robots in War Robots are sufficient for most demands the player could have. But starting with the Gepard, the robots begin to excel in at least one or more areas. The Gepard is the second-fastest robot in the game with a standard 58 km/h (enough to make a lot of other fast sci-fi vehicles look slow.)

All of the robots until now have been below the heavyweight class. And while both light and medium robots have their merits, the heavy robot class tends to perform very well, as can be seen with the Rhino.

Specifically, the Rhino has higher durability and firepower, now featuring two light and medium weapons. In addition, the Rhino has an ability that activates a physical shield and increases speed, making the robot a berserker of sorts. The Rhino can close distance between robots, and it does it well with high firepower to boot.

The Ao Jun is a perfect example of an ambusher. Although it is officially a medium robot, the Ao Jun has a lot of the capabilities associated with heavy robots. In short, the Ao Jun can utilize the speed of a medium robot, at 33 km/h, while also utilizing its two heavy armaments for high damage output. This makes it perfect for rushing enemy lines, while still having the guns of a tank.

All around the War Robots community, the Scorpion is hailed as one of the most beloved medium robots in the game. Its playset is unique, featuring great durability, fair firepower, and an interesting ability to boot.

Few robots in War Robots do chaos quite like the Siren does. It has three weapon slots; two heavy gearing it for extremely high damage and one light for quick-firing versatility. At that, it has fairly high armor durability, making it a good pick for tank-oriented roles (sadly, it has the downside of fairly slow speed).

Among War Robots' cast of robots, Typhon is best named an ender. Its greatest components give it both tactical advantages and heavy firepower compared to other medium robots. Most notably, the Typhon has three energy weapons on its top that are used in its special ability: The three weapons disable the opponent's ability, prevent them from moving, and reduce their weapon damage, respectively.

The Invader is of one of War Robots' most interesting heavy robots. For one, it is the only four-legged robot that can jump, making it incredibly mobile for a heavy weapon user. Additionally, it succeeds in a lot of the ways that other robots have succeeded: with decent speed and high durability.

The Behemoth is without a doubt the biggest force to be reckoned with in War Robots, perhaps even being among the best robots in video games. Despite being a medium robot, it has one of the highest durabilities in the game. In the end, this means that the robot can last a very long time.

The Krikkit War Robots were small white robots that were not enclosed in the Slo-Time Envelope with the rest of Krikkit. They appeared in Life, the Universe and Everything, where they collected the pieces of the Wikkit Gate in order to release their masters. Arthur Dent first encountered them on Earth, where they stole the Ashes, also known as The Wooden Pillar of Nature and Spirituality.


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