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Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez

Play My Talking Tom Mod APK with Unlimited Money and Coins in the Old Version

Somehow my 3 year old has about 10 million coins and stars(?) in My Talking Tom 2. Is this normal? My 6 year old is claiming it's "unlimited money" although it's going down when stuff is bought. When I look up unlimited money I see 999.9M not the 10M he has. I have no purchase history on the app store or my credit card and when I try to buy something in the play store it still asks for my password. I know he was watching a lot of ads the other day. I don't play the game so I have no idea what's reasonable. When I tried to open the in game store, there was no coin purchase options in the 3yo tablet, but there was in the 6yo tablet.

my talking tom mod apk old version unlimited money



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