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Sergei Mikheev
Sergei Mikheev

Sexy Kity Teens !!INSTALL!!

OK seriously? I get there are some questionable costumes but really? Your comment regarding the cockroach, swat, and the little Gothic Victorian style dress (first picture) were ridiculous. The cockroach idea is actually pretty ingenious because originally Halloween was mean to dress up as ghouls, demons, and other scary creatures as a way to ward off evil spirits then it became a night of spooking each other out. So what better way to scare your friends than to be a giant roach? Someone posted a link to a black and white cheerleader out fit and oh my gosh it had the Jolly Roger on it, run away! Really? Halloween is a gothic holiday therefore costumes are going to be tailored as such but because the older women want to dress all sexy for it then that changed the whole game and now the whole holiday just became an excuse to wear as little closing as possible and of course that leaks into our youth costumes. Here is an idea, how about spend some quality time with your kids and come up with a home made costume (since that used to be the tradition also).

sexy kity teens



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