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When working on any softball hitting drills for youth players, it is critical to have a good mix of drills to develop strong habits and the foundations of an elite swing. Most of the time, It does not matter if you are playing at the professional level or just getting started at a young age, good drills are good drills.



For those softball coaches and parents out there that are looking for some softball hitting drills they can pass on to their youth players, these four drills are a few of our favorites here at The Hitting Vault.

This is an excellent progression through the swing, while integrating the two prior drills. The hitter goes from a perfect launch position in the first frame to the point of contact in the third frame. When working with your softball player, make sure they are really working on perfecting the first two drills before getting into this one. You want to have a good foundation and feel for the swing before putting all of these movements together in the bat path drill.

The most important aspect of the slow to fast drill is having control of your rhythm. Really focus on slowing down the load and stride but exploding through the point of contact. This drill is a great way to round off this set of drills for young softball players because not only are these all simple drills, but also they are all important to becoming the best hitter you can be. These drills are done at all levels, as they are foundations for becoming a better hitter every day.

They say, "practice makes perfect" but practicing the same way day after day is not only boring, it's not productive. Here are 6 proven softball hitting drills that not only keep practice fun and interesting, they deliver results.

This is one of the softball hitting drills that is excellent for perception and aspect of the ball - it's a great hand-eye coordination drill. You will be hitting the smaller wiffle golf balls utilizing a taped-up narrow stick as a bat. The pitcher will toss the wiffle golf balls and the batter should practice hitting line drives or balls hit hard on the ground.

This is one of the softball hitting drills that uses a hitting tee. Once the ball is on the softball hitting tee and the hitter's feet are in the proper batting stance, a coach or teammate places the bucket of balls behind the back foot of the hitter. The drill allows hitters to work on and learn the proper transfer of weight from the back leg. The hitter cannot simply rotate their back leg while the foot is anchored. This drill will also give immediate feedback on whether the weight transfer is correct or incorrect.

When doing tee work, it's important to have a visual reference to help hitters with their stance. This training guide instills fundamental hitting concepts with a trusted visual aid and instills consistency throughout the tee drills in your movement and creating muscle memory. Understanding that the normal batting stance (i.e. front foot land) stays the same whether the pitch is in our out is an important concept for hitters. While the feet should stay the same, the contact point changes based on where the pitch is located.

By utilizing various softball hitting drills like the ones mentioned here, players can elevate their game, sharpen their mechanics of swinging, and strengthen their upper body while staying engaged during practice year-round. Keep practicing and you will be able to handle anything that comes your way!

As a softball coach, you probably spend a good amount of time putting together specific softball drills and practice plans. The biggest piece of advice we can give is to take the same game mentality into practice. Practice can get dry, monotonous, and players can lose focus. As a coach, we always want to focus on how we can structure practice in a way that enables us to talk less and do more.

Another staple in both baseball and softball is getting reps and throws from all positions and to all bases always. This helps increase arm strength as well as getting reads in the outfield and reps in the infield.

At The Hitting Vault, we believe that there should be at least four stations that you rotate through to run an effective softball hitting practice. This eliminates players from standing around and helps make the most of the short time you have available at practice.

One key thing to remember for any softball hitting practice is that quality always trumps quantity. Quality reps and swing movements in batting practice are much more important than hundreds of meaningless swings.

As Coach Lisle has frequently said, getting to live pitching as soon as possible is important to focus on in practice. At The Hitting Vault, we refer to the sequence of a good baseball or softball hitting practice as tee work, front toss and then live pitching. The tee work and front toss stations are great to focus on to get your hitters warmed up and feeling swing movements, and then you want to amp up the competition to live pitching.

Coaches tend to use the same drills over and over. That's especially true with softball hitting drills, which can get pretty boring for the players. And when players are bored they don't get as much as out of practice.

After a complete rotation of the hitters through all three hitting stations, one line can rotate to the infield spots and the infielders can come in to bat. Concentrate on hitting the top half of the baseball with a short, downward swing.

"Mom Can You Teach Me How to Hit" was created to teach parents how to teach their children to hit a baseball and softball. Coach Woods fused his talents, from years of experience, into this unique teaching video. His laid-back manner, as well as his encouraging and supportive style, provides a clear and detailed description of how to hit a baseball or softball. The coach's demeanor helps set this apart from other batting videos. He knows the sport and also grasps the fundamentals of how we learn. Woods breaks down the process of hitting a baseball into small sections, that instructors can practice with a child, both at home and on the field. Coach Woods clearly explains the basic principles of hitting in such detail that it will eventually become second nature and can help any child hit the ball more often and with greater confidence. These batting videos will provide techniques that lead to confidence every time a hitter enters the batter's box. A story about a single mother who meets Bobby Woods with her son in New York City's Central Park. Filmed through the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting - NYC.

This article presents five functional softball drills to improve batting skills: inside pitch, pitch selection, maintaining a steady head, how to adjust timing for different pitching speeds, and a skill-building team game. We change the drills in this article regularly, so check back!

Click Building the High-Level Swing Series to learn more about our new two-book hitting series containing a detailed and comprehensive description of 100 hitting fundamentals and 140 step-by-step drills that efficiently construct the batting swing from the ground up.

In fact, each of my advanced and best hitting drills in the cage mimic one of my heavy bag drills.Furthermore, these baseball and softball hitting drills with a heavy bag are a key component of my foundational hitting course.

Shane has been my student since before he started kid pitch.If I had to guess, he could probably do these drills with his eyes closed.So, I encourage my players to combine my best hitting drills and make it difficult.

A mainstay at all levels of baseball, hitting into a soft toss net may be the best way to keep your swing in shape and is an excellent combination of all the drills listed above. Set up a hitting net either outside or in your basement if able and set up a batting tee and a baseball a couple feet from the net. Now just take some full-speed hacks, concentrating on driving the baseball into the center of the net each time. This helps you nail down every aspect of your swing from the positioning of your hands and feet, to using your hips to drive the barrel of the bat all the way through the baseball.

The inventor of the cutting-edge Exoprecise, driving force; for our baseball/softball hitting trainers. Founder of the revolutionary Multi-Swing Method.20-year, professional baseball career; USA, Italy, and Australia.Highlights include the Junior College World Series MVP, accepting a full scholarship to the University of Indianapolis, and the Australian Baseball League MVP (Helms Award). Learn More

My baseball loving son was excited to brush up on his hitting skills, as well as attend his first catching clinic. He came home excited to show me some new footwork as a catcher! Thanks for having these clinics to keep the kids busy, but having fun on their days off!

I coach little league baseball the kids I thought had good hands really have good hands this training tool is very accurate. Great tool to teach kids with bad mechanics the proper path through the hitting zone.

Nothing more important in hitting than your path and that movement through the baseball or softball. It's the difference from playing the game for a long time and not. You don't need any coaches, balls or a field to get the perfect swing. The disk will tell you about what your swing does, and by putting in the work you can master a swing path. It's insane the difference it can make in your swing to perfect this move through the ball. Play this great game for a long, long time.

Perfect for outside, inside, cages and practices. Station or individual training to take your hitting to the next level! The disk will give you instant feedback about your move and path through the baseball of softball. Finish low, roll over, don't get inside ball or stay through ball? Disk will not fly well. Instant feedback!

Nothing more important in hitting than your path and that move through the baseball or softball. It's the difference from playing the game for a long time and not. You don't need any coaches, balls or a field to get the perfect swing. The disk will tell you about what your swing does as putting in the work you can master a swing path. It's insane the difference it can make in your swing to perfect this move through the ball. Play this great game for a long, long time. 041b061a72


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