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Skyrim Forget Me Not Walkthrough

Skyrim Forget Me Not Walkthrough

Forget Me Not is a quest in the Skyrim mod The Forgotten City, which involves traveling back in time to prevent a disaster that wiped out the city. This quest can be started by entering the Lakehouse's Strange Door, which leads to a time portal. This article will guide you through the main steps of the quest and provide some tips and tricks along the way.

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Talk to Metellus

As you exit the Lakehouse, you will find yourself in a bright and beautiful city, but also in a different time period. You will be greeted by Gulvar, who will ask you where you came from. You can choose to tell him the truth, lie, or ignore him. In any case, he will advise you to talk to Jarl Metellus, who is the leader of the city and the one who brought you here with his magic. You can follow Gulvar to the Citadel, where Metellus resides, or make your own way there.

Once you meet Metellus, he will explain that you are in the year 180E, 20 years before the city was destroyed by a mysterious event known as the Dwarves' Law. He will also tell you that the city is governed by a strict set of laws that forbid harming or stealing from anyone, and that breaking these laws will trigger a device that will kill everyone in the city. He will ask you to help him find out who is planning to break the law and stop them before it is too late. He will also give you a key to your own quarters in the Citadel, where you can rest and store your belongings.

Investigate the City

After talking to Metellus, you can explore the city and talk to its inhabitants. You will find out that the city is divided into four districts: The Citadel, where the Jarl and his daughter Lucretia live; The Market District, where most of the shops and services are located; The Residential District, where most of the citizens live; and The Lake District, where the Lakehouse and some farms are located. You can also visit Brol the Scholar, who is an expert on Dwemer history and technology, and learn more about the Dwarves' Law and the time portal.

As you investigate, you will discover that there are many secrets and mysteries in the city, and that not everyone is happy with Metellus's rule. You will also encounter several side quests that can affect the outcome of the main quest. Some of these quests are:

  • The Missing Shipment: Help Cassia find her missing brother Quintus, who was sent to deliver a shipment of goods to another city.

  • The Face Sculptor: Help Dooley change his appearance with a Dwemer device that can alter his face.

  • The Jarl's Daughter: Help Lucretia escape from her father's control and elope with her lover Rolf.

  • The Arbiter: Find out who or what is behind the mysterious voice that judges those who break the law.

  • The Immaculate Dwarven Armor: Collect all six pieces of a legendary armor set that can protect you from the Dwarves' Law.

Prevent the Disaster

After completing some or all of the side quests, you will eventually find out who is planning to break the law and trigger the disaster. Depending on your choices and actions, this could be one of several possible suspects, such as Lucretia, Rolf, Quintus, Dooley, or even yourself. You will have to confront them and either persuade them to change their mind, stop them by force, or join them in their plan. Be careful, as your decision will have major consequences for yourself and the city.

If you manage to prevent the disaster from happening, you will be able to return to your original timeline through the time portal. However, if you fail or choose to cause the disaster yourself, you will be stuck in a time loop and have to start over from when you first entered the Lakehouse. You can use this opportunity to try different choices and outcomes until you find the best one for yourself and the city.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you complete this quest more easily:

  • Save often and use multiple save slots, as this quest has many branching paths and possible endings.

  • Use the quick travel option to move between the districts faster.

  • Pay attention to the clues and hints that the characters and the environment provide, as they can lead you to important discoveries and secrets.

  • Be careful with your actions and words, as they can affect how the characters react to you and what options you have available.

  • Try to complete as many side quests as possible, as they can provide you with useful rewards, information, and allies.

  • Collect the Immaculate Dwarven Armor pieces, as they can protect you from the Dwarves' Law and give you an advantage in combat.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you want to learn more about this quest and the mod, you can visit the following sources:

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