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Illustrate PerfectTUNES V2.1.0.1 Full Version

Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version: The Ultimate Solution for Fixing and Enhancing Your Music Files

If you are a music lover who has a large collection of audio files, you may have encountered some problems with your music library, such as missing or low-quality album art, duplicated or corrupted tracks, inconsistent or incorrect metadata, and so on. These issues can affect your listening experience and make it hard to organize and manage your music files. Fortunately, there is a powerful tool that can help you solve these problems and optimize your music collection: Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version.

Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version is a comprehensive software that offers four modules to help you improve your music files: Album Art, ID Tags, AccurateRip, and DeDup. Each module has a specific function and can be used independently or together to achieve the best results. Let's take a look at what each module can do for you.


Album Art

Album art is an important element of your music collection, as it helps you identify albums when browsing and adds visual appeal when playing a track. However, some albums may have missing or low-resolution cover art, which can make your music library look dull and incomplete. With Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version, you can easily add or upgrade album art for your music files with just one click.

The Album Art module of Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version can automatically search for the best cover art for your albums from various online sources, such as Amazon, Discogs, MusicBrainz, and more. You can also manually select the cover art from the results or browse your own images to add them to your albums. The Album Art module can also detect and replace low-resolution cover art with higher quality ones, making your music library look more professional and attractive.

ID Tags

ID tags are the metadata that store information about your music files, such as artist name, album title, genre, year, track number, and so on. Having accurate and consistent ID tags is essential for organizing and managing your music collection, as well as for displaying the correct information on your music player or device. However, some music files may have incomplete, incorrect, or inconsistent ID tags, which can cause confusion and frustration.

The ID Tags module of Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version can help you edit and update the metadata of your music files with ease and efficiency. The ID Tags module offers four ways of editing: Browse by Filename and Folders, Browse by Metadata, Lists and Recommendations, and Sort Tags. You can view and edit the ID tags of your music files in different ways according to your preference and need.

The ID Tags module can also smartly offer recommendations on corrections to semi-duplicate values, such as "The Beatles" and "Beatles", or "Rock" and "rock". You can also use the ID Tags module to add lyrics, ratings, comments, or other custom fields to your music files to enrich their information.


AccurateRip is a technology that compares your ripped tracks against other people's rips to verify if they are error-free. Ripping errors can occur due to various reasons, such as scratched discs, manufacturing defects, or faulty CD drives. Ripping errors can result in unwanted noise or silence in your music files, which can ruin your listening experience.

The AccurateRip module of Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version can check your lossless tracks for ripping errors using the AccurateRip technology. The AccurateRip module can scan your entire music library or specific folders and display the results in a clear and concise way. You can see which tracks are verified as error-free, which tracks have errors, and which tracks are not in the AccurateRip database.

The AccurateRip module can also help you fix the tracks that have errors by re-ripping them from the original discs or downloading them from online sources. You can also submit your rips to the AccurateRip database to help other users verify their rips. By using the AccurateRip module, you can ensure that your music files are of the highest quality and fidelity.


DeDup is a module that can help you remove duplicate tracks from your music collection. Duplicate tracks can waste your storage space and clutter your music library. Sometimes, duplicate tracks can be hard to detect, as they may have different file names, formats, or bitrates. For example, you may have a track that appears on both a compilation album and an original album, or a track that has a lower quality MP3 copy and a higher quality FLAC copy.

The DeDup module of Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version can listen to your music files and identify the tracks that are duplicates. The DeDup module can display the duplicate tracks in a list and show their file names, formats, bitrates, and sizes. You can then choose which tracks to keep and which tracks to delete. The DeDup module can also let you play the tracks in question and swap between them to verify if they are duplicates or not. By using the DeDup module, you can free up your storage space and simplify your music library.


Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you fix and enhance your music files in various ways. Whether you want to add or upgrade album art, edit or update ID tags, check or fix ripping errors, or remove duplicate tracks, Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version can do it all for you with ease and efficiency. You can download Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version from the official website and try it for free for 21 days. If you are satisfied with the results, you can purchase the registration for $29 USD. Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 & Vista, macOS High Sierra or newer (Apple M1 included). If you want to optimize your music collection and enjoy your music files to the fullest, Illustrate PerfectTUNES v2.1.0.1 full version is the ultimate solution for you.


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