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How to Enjoy Jai Santoshi Maa Movie with VLC Media Player

Unlike Jai Ho, it does seem like a remake but it's a big improvement. Unfortunately, it's almost as good as the original, even better in some aspects. Jai Ho is one of the best movies around. Jai Santoshi is also a great one. It's a bit slow at the start, but once the action picks up, it's a great movie. I loved the songs, especially the title song & the old movie song ( Eko kho khaana).

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At the end, I gave the film a Thumbs Up. Jai Santoshi didn't get off scott free, and his in the end was a great film.There were two flaws in the film - the first was that it was not able to maintain the pace, there were many scenes in the movie which took a ridiculously long time to get through, and the second was that the romance had nothing in it, there was no end, and it kept on pouring on to us.

One of the interesting aspects of the film is that the heroes of the film are not archetypal - there is not a white Jai, an angry Jai or a hero Jai. We see them as people who are keeping two families together, and trying their best to stop family conflict. The heroes of the film and the direction is very good, with better writing, it will be a film to watch.

I gave it a Thumbs Up - but really, it's between that and So-So for me. It's maybe a bit deeper than we expected, and most of the acting prizes for this movie go to the antagonists - I think it's time for Jai and Ali to get desk jobs, because their hearts aren't in butt-kicking crime fighting any more.

R.I.P of legendary Indian musician Datta Chandrasinghwar in 2004. Little known about Datta, but a wonderful human being. He was a student of Dada Kondke of the Tippu Thondan and gave music lessons to children of Dada Kondke. In 1981, he toured as a band leader with the great musician Dada Kondke in Karnataka, South India. While recording and composing for movies, Rahmans' song Maa Santoshi from Once More (1989) was used in the 2010 film Neer Dose. He has his own production house, B Raahman Audio Producers. In August 2013, Rahman launched a new rock album titled Pour Ale Music.


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