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Cisco Usb To Rj45 Console Cable Driver

Has anyone had any luck finding the right drivers for these cisco console cables all over ebay? -8m-USB-to-Rj45-Serial-Console-Cable-Express-Net-Routers-Cable-for-Cisco-Router/933412569?_trksid=p2047675.m4096.l9055

Cisco Usb To Rj45 Console Cable Driver

Download Zip:

Its all news news to me as thought I was buying a advertised genuine cisco console cableso hard to beleive they would fake such a cheap product but guess theyre selling billions of them part of the reason I posting this experience for others to learn and find a solution

jb206 gave you a good hint. And it must be specifically for win10. I know you wanted RJ45 console to USB.. but a working USB to serial plus genuine Cisco rollover cable is going to be a heck of lot more dependable.

All FGT we bought in the last years came shipped with a console cable. Also HP DB9 to RJ45 cables work with Fortigates. Just APC and Cisco cables won't because of non standardized pinouts on their side (not Fortinet's fault!).

We are sending these cables out to our customer with our fortigates (sometimes needed for troubleshooting, etc.) and the customer usually asks for an official driver (rightfully so) - because Windows doesn't seem to have a build-in driver and installing a "foreign" driver one (depending on the corporate policies of the OS and the corporate guidelines) might just not be feasible (or quite a hassle).

If you own an older laptop and there is no USB port, you might want to install the Cisco USB console driver. This software is free to download and install, and you can get it by clicking on the free download link. This way, you can download the driver without having to pay or wade through a bunch of spammy offers. After downloading the software, reboot your computer to apply the changes. Now, your laptop should be able to use the console.

The Cisco USB console driver is required for a computer to connect to a Cisco router. The driver is available for download on the Cisco Download Software website. If you have a console cable, you need to install the driver for it. It is a software component and is not tied to any particular console cable manufacturer. After you download the driver, you need to install it on your PC to use it. You can download it from the Cisco website in two ways: through the Cisco router itself, or by visiting its dedicated website.

USB port serialcable USB to RJ45 console cable, connects to any USB port on your laptop directly to a Cisco console port. No adapters are needed. It is for Cisco console port for Cisco 1000, 1600, 2500, 2600, 3600 series routers, Catalyst 3560 switch pinout, and more

I am hoping that this new method continues to be spread to other devices. I also hope that Cisco will enable all of the USB Type-A ports on their other devices for similar connectivity. For years I have hauled around two console cable sets. Because I often connect to multiple devices at the same time, such as redundant supervisors on 6500s or to two supervisors in redundant 6500s or VSS, I need two serial cables. Here is a picture of one of my typical USB cables. I use a Keyspan USA-19HS USB to serial adapter. I realize that this is expensive but it is the most reliable and its driver seems universally accepted by laptop operating systems. Note that the end on the light-blue console cable has been replaced and a yellow boot added because of excessive wear. You know you have logged into a lot of Cisco routers when you wear out the RJ-45 connector on the end of your favorite console cable.

You still need to install a driver on your laptop to use the USB interface as a serial communications port. Don't worry that this link shows the download location for 3900 ISR G2 routers. The same utility works for the entire ISR-G2 line. The latest version of the USB Console Software is version 3.1 The filename of the software is "" and the current version was release on Jan 20, 2010 with a file size of 14692.83 KB (15045453 bytes).

Once you install the driver you need to create a connection using your favorite terminal emulation software. My favorite one happens to be SecureCRT from VanDyke. You need to set the terminal emulator to use the proper COM port that is being used by the USB port on your laptop. Then you set the serial communications to the old-reliable standard: 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit, no flow control. However, I have been told that these console ports can be run up to 12Mbps but the baud rate of the serial port can only go as high as 115,200 bps. That could have come in handy many moons ago when I had to upload IOS files using XMODEM.

Now in addition to all the standard serial console cables I am carrying around I have added a mini USB cable to the mix. My console cable bag is growing larger, but this is a standard cable that many of us carry with us anyway. Overtime, we may stop carrying the old clunky serial cables with DB-9 and USB to serial converters. I am all in favor of anything that makes the job easier.

Upgrade your network with our brand new, Cisco Compatible Light Blue USB A to RJ45 Rollover Console Cable. These cables will console your IT network by helping you communicate and configure a networking device. Console cable utilizes USB 2.0 to facilitate the console function. The USB A portion attaches to the USB port of your computer or laptop and the RJ45 attaches to the device. This type of one piece cable replaces older \"kits\" that contained multiple cables and adapters. This newer type of console cable is compatible with most Cisco equipment. And as always, this particular cable comes new in original packaging.\r\nQuick Specs:\r\n\r\n Light Blue\r\n USB A to RJ45\r\n RS232 Protocol\r\n FTDI\r\n Plug-and-Play\r\n 100% Compatible\r\n USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible)\r\n Compatible with Windows 7 and up\r\n\r\nApplications:\r\n\r\n Full support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, MAC, Linux & Android \r\n Cisco, NETGEAR, LINKSYS, TP-Link and other router, switch and firewall configurations from laptops & desktops\r\n Can possibly be used to configure other networking devices as well\r\n Easily replace RS232 \/ DB9 to RJ45 connection console cables. No more RS232 Female and male adapters\r\n\r\n\r\nAdditional Article:\r\n\r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n","schema":""};let variant_fields = ;jQuery('.secondary-option td').click(function() jQuery(this).closest('.secondary-option').find('input').click(););jQuery(document).ready(function() jQuery('.variant-link').click(function(e) e.stopPropagation();make_selection(jQuery(this)););variant_fields = $breadcrumbs: jQuery('#breadcrumbs'),$model_number: jQuery('#model-number-field'),$page_title: jQuery('head title'),$title: jQuery('#item-name'),$summary: jQuery('#summary'),$hero_link: jQuery('#product-hero a'),$hero_image: jQuery('#product-hero img'),$carousel_links: jQuery('#image-carousel a'),//$item_price: jQuery('#item-price'),//$regular_price: jQuery('#regular-price'),$in_stock_number: jQuery('#in-stock-number'),$in_stock_indicator: jQuery('#in-stock-indicator'),$in_stock_ships: jQuery('#in-stock-ships'),$in_stock_additional: jQuery('#in-stock-additional'),$availabilityMessage: jQuery('#availability_message'),$products_id: jQuery('#products_id'),//$discontinued: jQuery('#discontinued'),$quantity: jQuery('#product-quantity'),$included_options: jQuery('#included-options'),$description: jQuery('#description .product-info-content'),$schema: jQuery('#product-schema'),;);let products = ;function make_selection($selection) let products_id = $'products-id');let qstring = ;qstring[$'prime-variant-type')] = $'prime-option-value');qstring[$'variant-type')] = $'option-value');let new_url = base_url+'fp-'+products_id+'/?'+jQuery.param(qstring);history.replaceState(qstring, null, new_url);jQuery('.main-body-inner-container').addClass('fade');if (products[products_id] != undefined) setTimeout(function() display_selection(products[products_id]);, 500);else jQuery.ajax(url: new_url,type: 'get',dataType: 'json',data: action: 'load-selection', ajax: 1 ,success: function(data) products[products_id] = data.product;display_selection(data.product););function display_selection(sel) {variant_fields.$breadcrumbs.html(sel.breadcrumbs);variant_fields.$model_number.html(sel.model_number);variant_fields.$page_title.html(sel.page_title);variant_fields.$title.html(sel.title);variant_fields.$summary.html(sel.summary);if (sel.images.length > 0) {variant_fields.$hero_link.attr('href', '//'+sel.images[0].image_large);variant_fields.$hero_image.attr('src', '//'+sel.images[0].image_large).attr('title','alt',;let carousel_idx;variant_fields.$carousel_links.each(function(idx) carousel_idx = idx+1;if (!sel.images[idx]) jQuery(this).remove();else jQuery(this).attr('href', '//'+sel.images[idx].image_large).attr('rel', "useZoom: 'Zoomer', smallImage: '//"+sel.images[idx].image_large+"'");jQuery(this).find('img').attr('src', '//'+sel.images[idx].image_thumb).attr('title','alt',;);for (carousel_idx; carousel_idx

A Console cable is used for managing / configuring network devices such as network switches, routers, modems, hubs and similar devices. Cisco network devices in particular usually has a RJ45 port for management, which is also why this cable is also sometimes called a 'Cisco console cable', management cable or rollover cable.

The RJ45 end of the cable is not a regular RJ45 Ethernet connection cable even it looks like this, instead it's actually a serial interface, providing TX and RX lines, just like a standard RS232 connection. The USB end of the cable is converting the serial data into a virtual COM port on the computer it's connected to, with help from virtual COM port drivers on the computer.


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