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A man named Mario comes home, having just sold his bingo hall. Seemingly in a daze...he dances around to the tune of classic Spanish music playing on vinyl. He begins speaking to himself, and then a picture of his dead wife Patricia about the sale. He says he can fulfill his promise of leaving "this place". He puts down a suitcase of money, and begins to greedily eat a serving tray full of bingo balls. An ominous voice coaxes him on, until he chokes to death.

Bingo Hell

Dolores then goes to Yolanda's and meets up with Lupita who is already there. They have a discussion about Caleb, and Lupita brings up the similarities with Dolores's son who has died and takes issue to it. After an awkward silence, Lupita apologizes and Dolores accepts begrudgingly before Lupita leaves. Lupita goes to a bingo game at the local bingo hall, but they finish up when they realize Mario has not paid his electricity bills.

The next day, Lupita and her friends find flyers around town saying that the bingo hall is under new management. Lupita, Morris, Clancy, Dolores and Yolanda decide to take a look at it and realize that the bingo hall has been transformed into a casino. While there, Dolores spots Raquel, who wins ten thousand dollars from the owner, Mr. Big.

They go back to the bingo hall, and this time Clarence wins one hundred thousand dollars. That night, Clarence parties by himself next to his car, drinking a bottle of beer, not realizing that he is actually drinking motor oil. He then sticks his arm into a car motor, violently shredding it and eventually killing him, not seeing the shadow of Mr. Big inside the car.

Lupita finds Clarence's body and sees Morris talking to Mr. Big, who gives him a stamp on his hand which begins to disintegrate. Lupita realizes the entire Oak Springs have been lured into the bingo hall, and heads there with her shotgun and with Eric. Caleb tries to break in, blaming the place for his mom's disappearance, but Eric catches him and chases him inside. Mr. Big confronts him and then makes Eric stab himself in the neck with a poisoned syringe, before killing him by stomping on his skull.

Parents need to know that Bingo Hell is a 2021 horror-dark comedy in which senior citizens in a rapidly-changing neighborhood confront a force eviler than gentrification in their local bingo hall. Expect some blood and gore, including a man who meets a bloody death after sticking his hands into the fan of an engine in his garage, a man who chokes to death while gorging on slimy bingo balls, a woman who rips her skin into bloody strips that fall to the floor, and a bloody beatdown involving rifle butts, punches, and kicks. A man shoots a giant needle into his neck, shakes while foaming at the mouth, then falls to the floor dead. A woman's head is forced against a podium after she's knocked around and bloodied. Gunshots. Frequent profanity, including "motherf--ker" and "f--k." Tequila, whiskey, and beer drinking. Cigar, cigarillo, and cigarette smoking. In terms of positives, the movie shows a diverse cast of fully-developed senior citizen characters, and addresses topics like gentrification, community, change, addiction, and coming of age with a single or absent parent.

In BINGO HELL, Lupita (Adriana Barraza) is the matriarch of Oak Springs, a diverse community that's experiencing rapid gentrification. Disgusted by all the new coffeeshops and craft beer bars moving in, she finds solace in going to the local community center to play bingo with other local senior citizens who are also grappling with the changes, including her best friend Dolores (L. Scott Caldwell). As she wonders about the sudden disappearance of their neighbor Mario, Lupita notices a fancy old car parked outside with a personalized license plate that reads "BIG WINN3R." The next day, Lupita wakes up to find a flier taped to her door announcing the grand opening of "Mr. Big$ Bingo," located in the exact address as her beloved community center. That night, community residents of all ages show up at the refurbished building, now looking more like a casino than a community center. Inside, the residents meet "Mr. Big," who promises huge prizes to those eager to play bingo, because "everybody deserves to win." That night, the self centered daughter-in-law of Dolores' late son wins $10,000, and splits town the very next morning, leaving Dolores to take care of her teen grandson Caleb. Mario remains missing, and Lupita is growing increasingly suspicious about Mr. Big, even if everyone around her is seemingly seduced by the idea of winning large cash prizes at bingo. Soon, Lupita's suspicions about Mario are confirmed, and she must find a way to convince her neighbors that there's something truly sinister about Mr. Big.

Starting October off with the 2nd four film installment of Amazon's Welcome to Blumhouse anthology series. A diverse group of elderly ppl in a small closeknit community deal with gentrification and an unknown force hellbent on destroying their town. Neon lights, slimy cash, some bloodspray, and old ppl kicking ass! Not a great film but it's a decent midnight horror comedy with likable cast and a solid villain.

A new bingo game with big promises is brought to town by a charismatically devious gentleman who is a cross between Satan and the monorail guy from that episode of The Simpsons. What he doesn't expect are some sassy old women in town who don't have time for this shit.

Oak Springs is a neighbourhood in crisis, long-time residents are leaving and businesses are closing and being replaced by vape shops and hipster coffee joints. Lupita (Adriana Barraza, Drag Me to Hell, Rambo: Last Blood) has lived here for what seems like forever and has no use for things like vape shops, she prefers her cigars and hanging out at the bingo hall with her friends like Clarence (Grover Coulson, A Ghost Story, Gallows Road) and Dolores (L. Scott Caldwell, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Net).

So when Mr. Big (Richard Brake, Feedback, Tremors: Shrieker Island) buys the bingo hall and turns it into a casino, she gets mad. When her friends start winning money only to die shortly after, she decides to get even.

Even the center where everyone plays the bingo is shuttered, as no one has seen the owner for days. Lupita commiserates with fellow seniors Clarence (Grover Coulson), who runs the auto shop, and her buddy Delores (L. Scott Caldwell). Delores tells Lupita not to worry about the center, as there are bigger issues. For Delores, her hands are full raising her teenage grandson Caleb (Joshua Caleb Johnson) for her unreliable daughter-in-law Raquel (Kelly Murtagh). Caleb is starting to make bad choices, though a friend of his dead dad, Eric (Jonathan Medina), is trying to give him some guidance while struggling to stay clean himself.

The idea for Bingo Hell was conjured up by Guerrero and co-writer Shane McKenzie when they started talking about how much his mother-in-law and her grandmother enjoyed playing bingo and lotería. During the discussion, McKenzie asked Guerrero a question that would become the basis for their movie: What would happen if we took bingo away from them?

While most gambling games can be complicated, the easiest game to play is bingo. We've played that since we were kids, haven't we? Of course, at that time a game won at bingo entailed a toy as a prize. Or a set of glasses. Or a display piece.

When the movie opens, we see an elderly man enter the house, looking very happy. He has a briefcase in his hand and he's reminiscing about his wife. Soon enough, he opens a briefcase and starts pushing bingo balls into his mouth until he chokes on them and dies.

Lupita and Dolores take it upon themselves to call out bingo numbers. The winners get a coupon from Yolanda's salon. The funds accumulated from the games are given to Yolanda to help her business. Lupit announced what a wonderful community they are that helps each other. They sure are, except when it comes to checking up on each other when you don't hear from them. The first thought would be that something bad happened to them, isn't it?

The next morning Lupita wakes up to find flyers all around the town and even on her front door, announcing that the bingo Hall was under new management. In one night, all of this was accomplished. Clearly, something otherworldly is going on...

Meanwhile, more people flock to the bingo hall the next day. Lupita finally goes to see Mario to give him a piece of her mind for selling her beloved bingo hall. When she sees her friend dead, she sheds some tears and then spots the green goo. She now knows who is behind the death. 041b061a72


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