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Animasi Silat Legenda Movie 98

Animasi Silat Legenda Movie 98

Animasi Silat Legenda Movie 98 is a Malaysian animated film directed by Hassan Abd Muthalib in 1998. It is the first animated feature film in Malaysia and it tells the story of five young adventurers who discover a mystical weapon. The film is set in a futuristic era and it presents a new perspective on the legend of Hang Tuah and his four brothers.

Animasi Silat Legenda Movie 98

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The film follows the journey of five friends who are students at a martial arts academy. They are Dino, Zack, Roy, Jefri, and Mona. One day, they stumble upon a hidden cave where they find a mysterious sword that belongs to Hang Tuah, a legendary warrior from the Malacca Sultanate. The sword has the power to transform into different weapons depending on the user's skill and personality. The friends decide to keep the sword and use it to fight against evil forces that threaten their world.

However, they soon realize that they are not the only ones who know about the sword. A sinister professor named Keefli, who works for a secret organization called Pujangga, is also after the sword. He wants to use it to unleash a powerful demon that can destroy the world. He sends his agents to capture the friends and take the sword from them. The friends have to use their wits and martial arts skills to escape from Keefli's clutches and stop his evil plan.



Voice Actor


Noor Kumalasari

Dino / Jebat

Kamal Effendi

Zack / Tuah

Ayie Ibrahim

Roy / Kasturi

Mohd. Rizal Karman

Jefri / Lekiu

Sham Yunus

Burn / Lekir

Rafidei Mohamad

Tun Seleman / Pak Leman

Karim Latiff


Jalaluddin Hassan

Prof. Keefli

Othman Hafsham

Tok Guru Pujangga M. Amin Reception

The film was released on August 27, 1998 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. It was praised for its animation quality, story, and voice acting. It also won several awards, such as the Best Animation Film at the Malaysian Film Festival and the Best Feature Film at the Anugerah Skrin TV3. The film grossed RM 141,700 at the box office.


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