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[S1E1] Burnt Food

Aaron joins Shaun in the cafeteria, saying he saved that boy's life and Shaun says his name is Adam and he is hungry. Aaron tells him the board reconvenes in 45 minutes and asks Shaun to stay there until he gets back; Shaun agrees, thoroughly enjoying his food. Aaron talks to Melendez who says thankfully there is a cure for time and stupidity called experience and Shaun suffers from a bad deficit. He says he would like his help and when he doesn't think he will get his help; he wants to know the kid's story and why its so important to him, reminding him making things personal is a sure way to screw things up. Aaron walks away and Melendez asks Jessica if she's proud or disappointed, she doesn't want to pick either and they kiss. Claire sits with Shaun, feeling he is curious about the place and the people but Shaun says Aaron gave him a map of the hospital and found the rest of town online. He wants to know why she was rude to him when they first met, then nice to him the second time and now trying to be his friend. He wants to know which time she was pretending; they are interrupted but Aaron who informs him that the board room is ready.

[S1E1] Burnt Food

Dr. Andrews returns furious because the decision was already made and Aaron says if he probes to be nothing than excellent he will be immediately released and he will resign as president of the hospital. Andrews continues to complain and Aaron says he would love to make him happy and hire someone who doesn't make a mistake; he asks if Aaron can accept that he will make mistakes none of the rest of them will make because it won't be him who pays the price. Allegra Aoki asks to hear from Shaun before they decide his fate. When asked about why he wants to become a surgeon, Shaun goes back to his youth and talking to his brother and why they need friends while they broke into a garage where they are climbing over and old train, his brother loses his footing and falls far below onto the concrete floor; Shaun looks down in utter disbelief. The board is getting irritated that Shaun hasn't said anything yet, but then he talks about the day the rain smelled like ice cream, his bunny went to heaven in front of his eyes, and the day the copper pipes in an old building smelled like burnt food, his brother went to heaven in front of his eyes. He couldn't save them and it was sad that neither of them had the chance to become adults and experienced life events like having children and loving them and he wants to make that possible for other people. With tears in his eyes he says he would like to make a lot of money so he could have a television.

Dr. Shaun Murphy: The day that the rain smelled like ice cream, my bunny went to heaven in front of my eyes. The day that the copper pipes in the old building smelled like burnt food, my brother went to heaven in front of my eyes. I couldn't save them. It's sad. Neither one had the chance to become an adult. They should have become adults. They should have had children of their own and loved those children and I want to make that possible for other people. And I want to make a lot of money so that I can have a television.

This story begins in Moscow on April 26, 1988. In a dreary apartment, Valery Legasov speaks into a tape recorder about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He talks about Anatoly Dyatlov, who he feels deserves death for what he had done. Finishing the tape, Legasov places it with others he made and hides it outside. He carefully avoids being seen by a car outside his apartment that is always there, watching him. Back inside, he checks his watch as he finishes a cigarette and lays out extra food for his cat. At 1:23:45, he hangs himself.

Eugene was called by Tracy Loach after the latter discovered her boyfriend cheated. When Tracy told him she was going to commit suicide, Eugene talked her out of it and burnt her suicide note. Eugene comforted Tracy and kissed her. However, Tracy was disgusted at the idea of the two being together and blew her brains out. Eugene panicked but realized she was still breathing. When Tracy's mother began knocking on the door and asking what was going on, Eugene tried to run off. When he knew he had no way out, he shot himself[1], but a grazing shot left him alive and his face horribly disfigured.

After visiting Tracy, Eugene found his room broken into, with the words "Finish the job" spray painted on his walls. Eugene apologized to his father for ignoring his advice and going to visit Tracy. Later, after cooking his father an omelette, Eugene offered to cut up his father's food. While cutting, Hugo lost his temper and threw the plate against the wall, yelling at Eugene that if he wanted to help, maybe he should finish the job.[5]

In this episode, when a burnt body is discovered in a homeless camp under railway arches close to the city centre, GMP's Major Incident Team are called to the scene and very soon a murder investigation is underway. Detective Superintendent Jon Chadwick, head of MIT, takes on the case but with no CCTV and no witnesses, the team has little to go on. As extensive forensic work is carried out at the scene, the investigation leads detectives into the world of Manchester's exploding young homelessness crisis.

When he returns to his work, he notices that the servants have destroyed everything he had done thus far. Mey-Rin had broken the fine china, Baldroy burnt the premium meat by using a flamethrower while Finnian completely ruined the garden with extra-strength weed killer. However, Sebastian is able to cleverly develop an alternate plan thanks to Tanaka: a stone garden.

Inside, Damian and Ciel play a board game, while Damian discusses that he'd like some money to secure a larger workforce and be the Funtom Corporation's legs in South Asia, as he words it. In the board game, he loses a limb and he's burnt to death. Also, his eyes were "bewitched by the dead." 041b061a72


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