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Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye: A Review

Story of the Eye is a 1928 novella by the French writer Georges Bataille, who is known for his exploration of eroticism, transgression, and excess. The story follows the sexual adventures of a young couple, who engage in various acts of perversion and violence, involving objects such as eggs, milk, blood, and eyes. The novella is narrated by the male protagonist, who looks back on his exploits with his lover Simone, and their encounters with other characters such as Marcelle, Sir Edmund, and a priest.

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The novella is divided into two parts: The Tale and The Metaphor. The Tale is a linear narrative that describes the events in chronological order. The Metaphor is a series of fragments that reflect on the symbolic meaning of the eye and its relation to desire, death, and the sacred. The novella also includes an Outline for a Sequel, which sketches out a possible continuation of the story in Africa.

Story of the Eye is considered to be one of the most controversial and influential works of modern erotic literature. It has been praised for its poetic language, its surreal imagery, and its philosophical depth. It has also been criticized for its graphic violence, its misogyny, and its blasphemy. The novella has inspired many artists and writers, such as Luis Buñuel, Roland Barthes, Susan Sontag, and Michel Foucault.

The novella was first published in France in 1928 under the pseudonym Lord Auch, which means "Lord to the Shithouse" in French slang. It was not until 1967 that Bataille's name appeared on the cover. The novella has been translated into many languages, including English by Joachim Neugroschel in 1977. The English translation is based on the original version of 1928, but it also includes the Outline for a Sequel from the fourth edition of 1967.

If you are interested in reading Story of the Eye, you can find more information about it on [Wikipedia], or download a PDF version from [Animal Anomie]. You can also listen to an audio version on [].


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