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The crack and ridge extend in a direction 140 East of North (roughly SE-NW). The general slope of the surface in this area is slightly downhill in the SE direction, and the SE terminus of the ridge and crack are at the edge of a marshy area, while the NW terminus is in a clearing in a relatively low area (by about 20 ft) between higher land on which some homes are situated, and the county road. Most of the crack and ridge are in a wooded area that slopes gently to the marsh or swamp (figure 7).

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A double tree, with two trunks growing from one root ball, had fallen a couple of days after a strong windstorm about a week or ten days prior to the loud noise accompanying the formation of the crack and ridge. The tree was located about 25 feet from the crack near the uphill (NW) end. The two trunks fell in opposite directions, and had been salvaged in place for firewood (in fact, it was the person logging the fallen tree who first discovered the crack and ridge). The root balls, now exposed, seem too large to fit back in the hole from which they came (figure 8); it is unclear if this appearance is real and associated with the formation of the crack and ridge, or simply coincidental.

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"The Maps Pro plugin is the most complete and easiest to use when you need to include the google maps in your websites. I've used the plugin for a long time and I'm very happy with it.Not only its quality is the best, but its support (specially, for non-programmers like me) is wonderful.Thank you Flippercode for an excellent product with great support."

This is because from v7.3.1.4505 Google start to release the new versions with same filenames, i.e. v7.3.1.4505 and v7.3.1.4507 are released both with 'googleearthprowin-7.3.1.exe' filename. For v7.3.1.4505 the MD5 checksum is '82eeb52d1cff598c96f51db7cf34b05d' and for v7.3.1.4507 it is 'b2b90257e739a54548e152d1614e48d1'. The installer expect to get the '82eeb52d1cff598c96f51db7cf34b05d'. This is why it is downloaded but not installed.

To partially solve this problem, I remove the checking for MD5 sums, but this is a knife with two blades. In one case you can download all the googleearthprowin-7.3.1.exe filenames, but this can't guarantee that the installer will deal properly with the extracted files of the latest version. You can see for them in the source code. May be Google don't want to use the Earth as portable app, I don't know, I can only suppose. Another way is to repackeg, but this is against the rules and license agreement and I will not doing this. I hope you can understand all this drama.

Hello there and thank you for the portable edition of GE,Some monks want to use it near Mt. Olympus, where there is no good internet connection. They are interested in viewing countries like Israel, Greece, Russia etc. with Orthodox Christian interest. So, since there is no internet there but some hotspot from cellular phones etc., we are interested in caching maps of GE. I noticed google has 2gb size limit. Could you advice me if:1) I could somehow change this to 50GB or some much bigger number2) is there a way you can think or suggest to store in cache, in usb flash drives or whatever, big maps of ge, which they will be able to open offline.Basically what we want is to have as much of GE maps OFFLINE as possible. Size is not an issue. Internet connection is.Thank you and please please help me if you canGod blessings and best wishes

Google Earth is a virtual globe program that was originally called Earth Viewer and was created by Keyhole, Inc. It maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe. It is available under three different licenses: Google Earth, a free version with limited functionality; Google Earth Plus, which includes a few more features; and Google Earth Professional, intended for commercial use.

Google Earth Pro lets you travel from outer stars to the canyons of the pacific, everywhere on earth for satellite photos, charts, plots, 3D structures. The rich geographical material can be enjoyed, your tours saved, and exchanged with others. If you ever wondered how your environment has evolved over time, Google Earth now provides you with links to the past. Find out suburban range, ice caps melting, coastal flooding, and more with a quick press. Publishing outlets use photo export as an alternative to coverage, so construction businesses may use software to assess every place on the Planet remotely. There you can get free of charge, either from an Apple or from a Windows user, of these and other traditionally pricey apps.

Loving the new look and hugely updated features! One feature I would love to see added, and I reckon could be easily implemented, is a news, time zone and weather feed like we used to have on Life With PlayStation's Live Channel... Live Channel was a news, time zone and weather feed, which provided users with information from Google News and The Weather Channel organized by city. The content included live camera feeds and cloud data, similar to Google Earth. Live Cameras was provided by earthTV and the website. The application only supported a collection of major cities of the world, with limited coverage, but it was an enjoyable experience zipping round a rotatable globe from city to city on different continents and reading the latest local news. It was discontinued in 2012 to great general dismay and sadness when [email protected] closed down on PlayStation.I reckon it would be child's play for the Google Earth app to incorporate this feature in the new awesome update, and even surpass the Live Channel in coverage!. It would certainly have me firing up the app several times a day everyday. Go for it Google!

Bernat Google Earth Pro is now for freecould you please make a portableversion of Google Earth Pro in paf/stealthHere is the official link:

the remesh function of Blender might be able to do some magic here, I'd rather not just decimate this AI generated mess of a model, so far all attempts to remesh this make my computer hang for 10 minutes until blender disappears. These models directly imported from google will probably not work well in xplane, this here model is just shy of 500,000 polygons! Also it has like 200 materials that will have to be reprojected onto one new texture for decent performance

Unfortunately the decimate does look like shirt and the remesh can't do this kind of magic, it just crashes, can't blame blender for that though. If this could easily be remeshed and have a new single texture generated, it would be easy enough for people to add there own models from google maps for some choice spots, couldn't do a whole city like that for sure

Nah - this approach captures the real 3D geometry data by intercepting the openGL drawing instructions sent to the GPU. So you get an exact copy of the google 3D model. Granted - google itself creates most of their models by ptotogrammetry - but the technology for that continues to improve over time and in many cases it pretty darn good now.

And, yes - its violating the google terms of service (no capture, no reverse engineering) pretty blatantly. In the past - google was hampering such reverse-engineering things by changing the internal workings of Google Earth occasionally. Which occurs naturally as new features and improvements to GE obviously change the rendering stack.But now there are also well working DRM protection mechanisms for use inside web browsers out there (similar to HDCP used to prevent movie capture and recording) - so I'd fully expect that google will switch at some point to using those and then most of those "geometry capture" approaches will stop working for quite a while. Until that DRM is cracked ... which won't happen overnight.

Thats why google earth has 3D models only for a small portion of the world - cuz they have multi-angle oblique imagery only for those places.You also can't get textures for all 4 walls of a building from one sattelite image ... so having nadir imagery + lidar or some other perfect elevation model won't get you anywhere, either.And thats why MSFT removed most such imagery (Birds eye view) from Bing a few years ago. So you have a reason to buy their new 3D earth viewer ... or any of the countless other apps that came out in the last few years that utilize 3D building data. That are business apps - for realtors, construction companies, movie and game studios. That's where the money is and why those that have it don't give it out for free.

Google Earth Pro Crack is a leading program in the field of 3d modeling to create satellite images of the global earth with full resolutions. It will not only provide the satellite view of the earth it also provide ocean bathymetry. This amazing program is designed by the Keyhole to provide a GIS information system. Many geologists, scientists, and students are using this program.


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