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Nuzhat al Khawatir: The Best Urdu Translation and Annotation of a Biographical Encyclopedia

what is tasawwaf? it is a book of qur'an and the tradition of the prophet. you can read tasawwaf of the prophet (pbuh) here. you can also read the tasawwaf of prophet (pbuh) in english. most of the time, you will also find a translation of the tasawwaf in urdu here.

nuzhat al khawatir urdu pdf download


a version of the nuzhat-ul-khawatir in urdu and english has been compiled and published by the maulana anwarul haq qasmi foundation (mahqf). it is a beautifully written book on the lives of 15 major sufi saints from india and pakistan. the book includes accounts of the lives of saints of kashmir, panjshir, khyber pakhtunkhwa, sindh and balochistan.

aqeeq-i-hasani was a scholar of arabic literature and language, a historian, and an ambassador of the mughal empire. he was a prolific writer in urdu and persian languages and was a well-known grammarian. after his death, his lectures, which were delivered in persian, were collected and published as aqeeq-i-hasani. the book was popular among persian and urdu readers. it became an important book of the urdu language. this book has been translated into various languages, including turkish and arabic. it is said that his friends wrote books after him. however, shah wali allah was the only one to publish a large book in persian language. in the book he has described the history and culture of the muslim community.

he had a unique style in his writing and he is known as "the father of modern urdu". he is also called "the greatest urdu poet" of all times. his book haqeeqat al-shakoora is a collection of some of his poems and his works are very popular among urdu poetry lovers. because of his religious ideals, he established the al-azhar university in cairo and in his time he was a great mujtahid. however, there is no exact information available about his work and his biography, he has not written any biography. he has also not written any book about himself. it is said that he was a great, selfless and great saint and he has also been awarded with many titles and distinctions. he is also known as "azam-e-hind" (the great of india ).


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