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Night elf technology is apparently somewhat limited, and the only commonly employed technological war equipment seems to be the Glaive Thrower, a powerful long-range vehicle capable of cutting through reinforced armor, as seen throughout night elf territory. Rather than rely on technology in battle for the most part, the night elves instead bring their natural allies. Amongst these various allies are owls, sabers, hippogryphs, dryads, keepers of the Grove, nymphs, treants, chimaeras, faerie dragons, mountain giants and ancients.[117][118] Furbolg, wildkin, green dragons and storm crows are also allies of the night elves,[4] but don't appear to be integrated in their armies. The night elves even befriended a bog beast, Rethiel the Greenwarden, who is tended to by some of their druids, including Ferilon Leafborn, at the Greenwarden's Grove in the Wetlands.

Download Frozen Flame The Dragons Grove Keeper ...

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